Elliott D. Light

Imzadi Publishing Welcomes Elliott D. Light!

We are pleased to announce that Elliott Light has joined the Imzadi Publishing family with his inspiring and compelling new novel, coming to your favorite retailer August, 22 2023!

Alone on a bridge staring into the dark water…

He was not born Noah Waters, but constant rejection often has a way of encouraging one to walk away from everything they have known while giving birth to the person they are meant to be. This is Noah’s story…

I was a sixteen-year-old runaway when I worked my way to the edge of the Jackson River Bridge and peered at the moonlit water swirling below. To be fair, I wasn’t an ordinary sixteen-year-old. I had an affliction akin to autism that left me with fragmented memories of my childhood, memories that inspired nightmares filled with demons that tormented me while I slept and awoke me screaming in the dark void of my room.

Even I understood that I had few choices, and all were bad. There was nothing for me on the side of the river I had come from, and I had no reason to believe that the other side of the river offered anything better. Logically, jumping seemed a way to break the tie.

The stalemate only broke when I heard a voice emanating from the darkness. The voice belonged to a man wearing a hooded garment that shadowed his face, a man who chose to live on the grounds of an old monastery with a dozen cats.

The moment he stepped from the darkness my life began to pivot. I first learned to trust him, then love him. He put me on a path toward a future I never imagined possible that night as I stood on…The Jackson River Bridge.

Author Elliott D. Light

Elliott Light grew up in a tidy neighborhood outside of Washington, D.C. that some kids thought was Eden. But after watching a video of a friend’s fifth birthday party, he saw the garden differently and imagined it through the eyes of a child who didn’t fit in. The Jackson River Bridge, his fifth published novel, is styled as a memoir. The story is pure fiction, but the joys and sorrows are genuine.

His previous works include such wonderful books as: Throwaways, published independently and The Gene Police, Chain Thinking, and Lonesome Song all published through Bancroft Publishing.

Visit www.elliottlight.com for more information about this author.