The Other Vietnam War… Again

The Other Vietnam War… Again is a compilation of Marc Cullison’s two previous works for Imzadi Publishing under one attractive cover.

In The Other Vietnam War Marc Cullison recounts his days as an enlisted man stationed in Vietnam.

“None of us who served in Vietnam was the guy next door…the average Joe, not a hero. The boy who might date your daughter or sister. The young man who might mow your yard. In Vietnam, we weren’t out to be heroes. We just did our jobs. For a helicopter pilot, each day was like all the others. You flew the mission and never stopped to think that it might be your last. You didn’t think about the bullet holes in the helicopter, the cracks in the tail boom, or about any of it until night, lying in bed when you couldn’t think of anything else.”

The Other Vietnam War is the story of the introduction to a new country, a backward culture, the perils of a combat zone, and the effects on a young lieutenant fresh out of flight school who endures the trials and tribulations of a new country and comes back home to a less than warm welcome to his own country and begins to build a life after the Vietnam War.

Then, 40 years later in Vietnam Again he explains how an unexpected phone call prompts him to consider something he sure as hell never thought he would do… return to Vietnam.

Could he return to Vietnam…Again and face-down memories that had haunted him for years? This anthology gives a unique perspective of one soldier’s true life “there and back again story”.

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Available in Hardback, Paperback and coming soon…audiobook!


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