New event: Park Fest in Warren County, June 10

If you are anywhere near this event stop by and say “hi” to Mike Daigle and check out his Frank Nagler Mystery Series.

It is so important to support organizations that develop events like these and work hard to support local artists!

Special dedication for ‘The Weight of Living’

Michael Stephen Daigle

Dedicating books is one of those special things writers get to so to thanks those whose support and love mattered.

The Frank Nagler books have been dedicated to my family and writer friends who have read, supported, and offered opinions on the works, for which I am forever grateful.

 “The Weight of Living” has a special dedication to Marie Howard, a colleague of mine at the Central Maine Morning  Sentinel in Waterville. 

She was a Jersey girl from Paterson who brought to Maine that urban toughness and a great sense of fairness that dominated her reporting. She lived for many years on her horse farm in the middle of the nowhere part of Central Maine.

People like Marie Howard made the newspaper business special, rewarding and fun. She would have fit into any newsroom I worked in, a pros-pro among equals.


The dedication:


“ ‘The Weight…

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‘The Weight of Living’ trailer released on YouTube

Michael Stephen Daigle

My publisher, Imzadi Publishing, has posted on YouTube a video trailer (that makes me sound all techie, doesn’t it?) for “The Weight of Living,” the third Frank Nagler Mystery. The trailer was developed by graphic artist Anita Dugan-Moore, who also designed the  covers of the three books. She is actually techie.

The book will be released April 26.

Here’s the link:

weightcover2-2-17 Synopsis: “The Weight of Living” (2017) brings Frank Nagler face-to-face with a soulless, manipulative killer whose crimes stretch back decades.

A young girl is found in a grocery store Dumpster on a cold March night wearing just shorts and a tank top. She does not speak to either Detective Frank Nagler, the social worker called to the scene, or later to a nun, who is an old friend of Nagler’s.

What appears to be a routine search for the girl’s family turns into a generational hell that drags…

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The Weight of Living

The Weight of LivingAnnouncing the new cover art for Michael Stephen Daigle’s The Weight of Living!

The third book in the Frank Nagler Mystery Series is Coming this spring!

Will be available at…

Amazon      Barnes & Noble      Kobo

Cover for ‘The Weight of Living’ is ready

We love sharing the thoughts of our authors. Take a look at Michael Stephen Daigle’s post regarding his new cover art for The Weight of Living!

Michael Stephen Daigle

I am so lucky to have the talented Anita Dugan-Moore designing the covers of the Frank Nagler Mystery series.

weightcover2-2-17 Here is her cover for the next one, “The Weight of Living,”due April 25. My publisher is Imzadi Publishing of Tulsa.

The first two Nagler stories — “The Swamps of Jersey,” and the award-winning “A Game Called Dead,” —  are available at:





The first Frank Nagler mystery. Available at Amazon, Nook, Kobo and Wal-Mart


Author Devorah Fox commented on the Frank Nagler series.  Find her on Amazon and other sites. Fantasy, (The King Bewilliam series); and   wicked-good detective stories, lately, “The Zen Detective,” and “Detour.” :

“I greatly enjoyed the first Frank Nagler story, “Swamps of Jersey.” The writing is superb, settings so vividly portrayed as to be nearly palpable. The plot is engaging and the main character captivating. I was thrilled to learn that a second Frank Nagler story was in the…

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The ‘Weight’ is over. Third Nagler story done (except for the typos, editing and changes)

News about the latest Frank Nagler novel in work by Stephen Michael Daigle; it’s getting closer and closer to publication! Check back often for more news!

Michael Stephen Daigle

I was smiling at 3 a.m. today.

I had just typed the last word in the last paragraph of the third Frank Nagler story, “The Weight of Living.”

So it’s done.

Except for the typos, the edits and rewrites, but all that, in the world of book writing, constitutes done.

DEADCOVER715 And it’s not really a draft, because I write and edit constantly. On my reserve hard drive I have maybe twenty versions, and a dozen more cut outs, stuff that got deleted, reused, or never made it at all.

So, yeah, done.

I was smiling because I knew what the last line of the book would be weeks ago and had to maneuver the story and characters through the traffic jam of plot to get to the point when I could add the last sentence.

The surprise is that the line is not delivered by the character I first imagined…

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