Roberto Picado

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 Audiobook coming in September 2023!


Along the border town of Patagonia, Arizona sightings of ghosts seeking revenge are terrifying some of the town folk. As a result, the lives of three people who come together are changed in inexplicable ways.

Marikler races to save her young son from the greed and deception of her husband, carrying the blessings and absolutions of her parish priest.

Ron Yawkey accepts a clandestine job to search for and locate skeletons in the desert and is hired by a local paleontologist; a man who previously discovered an unknown fossilized species in Mexico. A fact that must remain a secret.

James Carter is a man on the run after embezzling from a gay S&M porn production company. After arriving in Patagonia, he integrates himself within the civilian militia group that patrols the border, having declared war on any and all illegals.

Three unconnected people brought together by circumstances must face the judgments of… Black Market Bones.

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