Submission Guidelines

Imzadi Publishing only considers completed works directly from the author. Works in progress and works submitted by anyone other than the author will not be considered for publication. If you have any further questions regarding the submissions process please feel free to contact us


  • Send a cover letter to us at with a brief summary of your book. Let us know if it is to be part of a series and make sure to include the total word count of your completed work. Include both your real and pen names (if you use one) along with the title of the book.

  • Please copy/paste the first chapter of your completed work into the body of the email.  Do not send it as an attachment.  Submissions with attachments will be deleted and not read.
  • Once you have submitted the e-mail with the requested information please allow Imzadi Publishing up to one month to review your submission.


  • After review Imzadi Publishing will contact you and let you know if we would like you to submit your full manuscript for consideration, please make sure to follow our Manuscript Guidelines. At this time please inform us if you have published your copy elsewhere at any time.  Once again, please allow up to a month for review.

  • If  your full copy meets our house standards, we will make a decision on whether or not to offer you a contract.

NOTE!  If you have previously published your submission with another publishing house we will require you to provide proof of your reversion rights allowing you to publish elsewhere.  If you do not have the reversion rights we will not be able to accept your submission.

Manuscript Guidelines

  • Manuscript must be double spaced.
  • All manuscripts must have indented paragraphs, using the indent function on your word program (usually under format, paragraph) and set the indentations of the first line of a paragraph to 1cm or 0.5 inches. Please do not indent by adding spaces, it just causes us more work.
  • Do not add headers or footers to your manuscript. We do not require your name on every page nor do we require page numbers. The more you add the more we have to remove and reformat. These are all things we would have to remove ourselves if we accept your manuscript.
  • Remove all graphics, watermarks, or background images. All graphics will be handled by our Graphics Department.  In the case of Graphic Novels or any other published materials (such as children’s books) that required outside illustration we will instruct you on how to proceed with your completed manuscript.
  • Page breaks are allowed but not necessary.
  • Your manuscript must be submitted in a text based file such as .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .wps to be accepted by us.  DO NOT submit any other format, all other formats will be rejected.