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Tillie Whistlethorn is a New Orleans beauty working for the FBI who gets caught up in a dangerous group of people. She’s aided by a private investigator who sounds more like Fabio, with his long hair and good looks. This page-turner keeps you guessing and by the end of the book, I wanted a cigarette and a glass of whiskey on the rocks like the characters. Set in the the late ’60s, the cross train travel, the vintage car descriptions, and the edgy details of the sex trade reveal every age has its own evils and heroes. I practically read this book in one sitting. It was highly entertaining.


This is an intriguing story that is great for all ages that keeps you engaged. Lots of action. Highly recommended!!!


Being born in the mid sixties, I remember Vietnam, but was too young to really absorb all that was happening. I, of course, have since read much on it. This author gives a different look than most books. I compare it to Leander Stillwell’s A Common Soldier of Army Life in the Civil War. It’s not meant to be a historical record of battles, events, losses, and victories. Both books are meant to take the reader inside the life of one particular solider; to be with him during his commission. This book causes the reader to see what the author sees, experience what he experiences, and make you feel like you are right along side him. It’s not always pretty, and you may not agree with the author’s take or response to some circumstances. But, this book is Marc Cullison’s experience, not ours or anyone else’s. Mr. Cullison is brutally honest and completely open with the reader. That is why I am giving this book 5 stars. He has pulled the curtain back, and allowed us an uncensored view of his life and experience as an officer during the Vietnam War. Thank you for that!


I really enjoyed this book, definitely a page turner! The writing is unique and has its own gripping style. Detective Frank Nagler is a great hero cop character, from a small city in New Jersey. The story is interesting and the suspense is very well done, it keeps you involved. There are curves, beyond just finding a murderer, that lead to more politics than mystery. I highly recommend this book to whoever enjoys a good crime novel with political side tones. A well written story and I look forward to the next book in the series. You won’t be disappointed!

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