On a computer near you: A .99 cent ebook sale (for a limited time only)

Michael Stephen Daigle

With the upcoming release of the audiobook version of THE RED HAND, the fourth Frank Nagler Mystery, Imzadi Publishing has placed the four award-winning books on sale.

The ebook versions are available for .99 each. https://www.amazon.com/Michael-Stephen-Daigle/e/B00P5WBOQC

UPDATE: My publisher, Imzadi Publishing, has extended this sale to the entire line of books. Info: http://www.imzadipublishing.com.

This is the newsreel version:

For a limited time only! All the thrills and chills, good guys and bad guys, crime solving and heart break for NINETY-NINE CENTS!

(Fill the background with your own version of dramatic cop music.)

In a city down on its luck Detective Frank Nagler offers hope. But at what cost?

Follow Frank as he tracks down Ironton, N.J.’s crooks and killers.

Will he find out who is stealing from the city in THE SWAMPS OF JERSEY? Will Frank and Lauren Fox ever figure out their romance?

What the meaning of the game…

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