Imzadi Publishing Welcomes a New Author to the Family!

Jerry GeroldImzadi is pleased to announce a new member to the Imzadi Publishing family…welcome to Jerry Gerold!

For more information about this new author check out his author page and keep an eye out for more information on the re-release of his book “Faith Lost” this fall!

The instant Faith walked into his shop, Benjamin Brackett fell in love. His friend and employee Veronica thinks Faith is playing him. Meanwhile, after some century-old items show up at his shop, he starts having dreams.

The main figure in these dreams is silent film actor Stanton Orloff. Stanton reveals to Benjamin that he is in fact Benjamin in a previous life and when Faith is kidnapped, Benjamin must turn to Stanton and other past lives to help rescue her.

Join Ben as he visits 1961, 1913, 16th Century Timbuktu and 1st Century B.C. Egypt as he attempts to recover his lost Faith.


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