Great Woman

Read Aldrea Johnson’s thoughts about strong women in novels. Her character Aliedori will surely stand side by side with some of the best in literature. Aldrea’s debut novel “Dragon Bone” will be released May 30th, the first book in her “The Battle for The Four Realms” series.

Four RealmS

‘Behind every great man there is a great woman’; 1940’s or 1960’s idiom it doesn’t matter, what matters is that there isn’t a similar saying linked to great women. Of course our idea of great women may differ; some may think Madonna is a great woman due to her contribution to popular music while others may ask, “Who is Madonna?” There are many great woman throughout history;  how we view them often differs from how we view historical male figures.

For example mention Che Guevara, and it is likely that most people will know of him and his association with the Cuban revolution;  but mention someone like Edith Cavell, the red cross nurse who saved the lives of soldiers from both side of the first world war  as well as smuggling over two hundred out of Belgium . She was punished severely when at the age of 49 she was  sentenced to death…

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