In the mid-25th century the galaxy is split between two super powers, the Colonial Confederation and the Elysium Alliance, who are deadlocked in a cold war. Kurt Stryder, a member of Recon Delta, the Special Forces unit of Col Sec (Colonial Security), is the sole survivor of a secret program to create the ultimate weapon – a super soldier. Deemed too dangerous to continue the program was abandoned, but The Elysium Alliance has other thoughts and forces Kurt to surrender himself to save someone he loves. Trapped in a secret facility on a planet deep in Alliance territory Kurt is subjected to brutal experiments while Col Sec mounts a daring rescue mission to free him before the Alliance learns what Col Sec can only suspect – that the program was a spectacular success. The first book of the Col Sec series bears witness to Kurt Stryder, a man who volunteered for a program promised to change the military and the balance of power in the galaxy forever. He now must face his destiny and choose whether to remain a pawn of his government, or become a soldier with no master – a Ronin.

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Imzadi Publishing is a small publishing company that concentrates on giving new authors a voice.
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