The ‘Weight’ is over. Third Nagler story done (except for the typos, editing and changes)

News about the latest Frank Nagler novel in work by Stephen Michael Daigle; it’s getting closer and closer to publication! Check back often for more news!

Michael Stephen Daigle

I was smiling at 3 a.m. today.

I had just typed the last word in the last paragraph of the third Frank Nagler story, “The Weight of Living.”

So it’s done.

Except for the typos, the edits and rewrites, but all that, in the world of book writing, constitutes done.

DEADCOVER715 And it’s not really a draft, because I write and edit constantly. On my reserve hard drive I have maybe twenty versions, and a dozen more cut outs, stuff that got deleted, reused, or never made it at all.

So, yeah, done.

I was smiling because I knew what the last line of the book would be weeks ago and had to maneuver the story and characters through the traffic jam of plot to get to the point when I could add the last sentence.

The surprise is that the line is not delivered by the character I first imagined…

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