Cool review of ‘A Game Called Dead’

A wonderful review for Stephen Michael Daigle’s “A Game Called Dead.”

Michael Stephen Daigle

Thanks Jane Primerano

“The thing about series mysteries is they take some time to get going. You can like the first book, but not be sure there’s enough weight for a sequel.

So, when I picked up Michael Stephen Daigle’s A Game Called Dead the sequel to The Swamps of Jersey I was wondering where it would go. Would it pick up the story? Would it just give curmudgeonly cop Frank Nagler another case? Would it answer the questions about “the woman?” Would it answer the questions about the town?

DEADCOVER715 Of course, each book in a mystery series has to answers some questions, leave others unanswered and raise new ones.

A Game Called Dead does just that.

Frank Nagler is just as curmudgeonly, but maybe more compelling. The town of Ironton, a thinly disguised Dover, is still dingy and damaged. But, we learn it has a college and an independent…

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