The Hedgerows of June

The Hedgerows of JuneFrance, late June 1944. The town of Saint-Lô is an important Nazi transportation hub in occupied France and the experienced German Army is determined to defend it. An inexperienced American Army is equally determined to conquer Saint-Lô. The result is the Battle of the Hedgerows, one of the bloodiest battles of World War II.

A British spy, Chris Weymouth, and an American expatriate, Mary McCorkel, meet at the home of Jean-Claire, an aging French Resistance operative. She tells Chris they have been given the responsibility to reunite four children with their fugitive parents in Saint-Lô. Chris is reluctant to take the dangerous mission, but Jean-Claire tells him he has no choice. The OSS has ordered Chris to get the children to Saint-Lô for purposes he is not permitted to discuss with Mary. Mary has her own secret reasons for making the journey.

To get to Saint-Lo they must cross the treacherous French farmland known as the bocage, what will soon be the battelfield. While staying one step ahead of the attacking American forces and dodging the Germans.  Chris and Mary discover their lives are threatened no only by the war, but also by the secrets and deceiptions they are sworn to protect.

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