Graphics & Cover Art

Whether you have your own cover artwork that needs work or you need someone to help bring your vision to life, we can help you. Our in-house cover artist is happy to work with you to provide you with a cover you will be proud of.

If you do plan to submit ideas or images for cover art there are guidelines you must follow. Images submitted to us for cover art that do not follow these guidelines cannot be used.

  • Any photos you would like our artists to incorporate must have been taken by you or you must provide proof that you have copyright permissions to use the image. If you cannot provide proof we cannot use the photograph.

  • Any images of people you provide must have the written consent of anyone in the photo for commercial use and distribution.

  • If submitting artwork created for you by an outside source you must provide written consent signed by the artist releasing the artwork to Imzadi Publishing for commercial use and distribution.

  • All artists, photographers, and models will be credited.

  • Imzadi Publishing will not reimburse any author for expenditures incurred for any covers created by sources outside of Imzadi Publishing,  i.e. modeling fees, artist fees, or any monies paid out to obtain the rights to use images/artwork will not be reimbursed.